LP Gear CFNT4PSE stylus for Audio-Technica 6006 cartridge

LP Gear CFNT4PSE stylus for Audio-Technica 6006 cartridge

Carbon fiber technology for higher fidelity
Harmonically exquisite, refractive, large multidimensional soundstage
Carbon fiber cantilever for firm and sensitive response to grooves
Spectra elliptical diamond for excellent tracing accuracy
Diamond tip r/R radii: 8 × 18µm (.0003 x .0007 inch)
Codeveloped and designed by Audio-Technica with LP GEAR®


LP Gear CFNT4PSE stylus for Audio-Technica 6006 cartridge

Code: ATS6006

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- Music that makes you want to listen.™

The The LP Gear CFNT4PSE replaces the long discontinued Audio-Technica ATN3472NE stylus specified for the Audio-Technica 6006 cartridge. Developed and designed exclusively for LP GEAR by Audio-Technica's best engineers, the new Carbon Fidelity T4P Spectra Elliptical (CFNT4PSE) stylus benefits from the latest quality parts and materials technology that includes a special carbon fiber cantilever that seriously upgrades performance. The updated design, tight specifications, Twin-Flux™ magnets, high-quality moving system fulcrum and radial damping ring allied with a Spectra Elliptical diamond tip produce music that makes you want to listen.

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