Rega turntables

REGA has been making turntables for over 30 years - from the now famous "Planet" and "Planar" which have earned their place in the highest echelons of Hi-Fi folklore. Reproducing the extraordinary quantity of musical detail and emotion available in the grooves of a vinyl record is extremely difficult. REGA succeeds thanks to sound engineering principles and an almost obssessive attention to detail, to ensure that no musical detail is lost through unwanted play or resonances. Each REGA turntable uses a REGA tonearm which has become a world standard, a specially designed plinth, low vibration synchronous motor, and regulated power supply (P2, P3, P5, P7 & P9). This combination creates a synergy that helps to provide the musical detail and dynamic range for which REGA turntables are justly famous. So, while REGA turntables have often been imitated, they have never really been equalled. This leads to a question of personal preference and self-worth: Are you worth an imitation or original?