Where music starts.®

Since 1995, LP GEAR® has been serving the record-playing community via the Internet. Ever since that time we have been an indie company dedicated to enhancing the musical enjoyment of customers in North America and in many parts of Asia, Australia, and the European Community who otherwise would have been unable to enjoy music through their turntables. After all, how can one play a record via a belt-drive turntable without a working belt. We're being facetious but we do have a point don't we.

LP Gear continues its specialization on turntable belts—a unique service in that we have the most extensive variety of correct belts for turntables in the known planet. Since then, we've expanded our selection of cartridges, styli and needles. Our success in this area has transformed us into one of the planet's leading providers of replacement styli for magnetic cartridges. Consistent with our pursuit of perfect quality and superiority, we have become an OEM of world class cartridges and replacement styli. To serve the audio community even further, we are expanding our music reproduction portfolio to include select brands of audio electronics, tubes and accessories.

We enjoy music and are committed to perfecting your music listening experience. We take every component to its highest level of significance and strive for perfection. Within a music system, each part in the chain plays a role of highest significance.

LP Gear's history is intertwined with the resurgence of vinyl record playing and for this and other compelling reasons, we surmise: This is where music starts.®

Our historical outline is enumerated below.

1995 - LP Gear starts selling turntable belts via the Internet to sustain turntable use worldwide
1999 - Started selling Audio-Technica cartridges and styli
1999 - Started OEM belts specifically for turntables
2000 - Introduced LP Gear brand replacement styli
2001 - Imported Graham Slee Products phono preamps
2002 - Stereophile recommends Graham Slee Gram Amp 2SE phono preamp
2002 - The Absolute Sound lists Graham Slee Gram Amp 2SE phono preamp as Best Buy
2003 - Introduced Audio-Technica AT95E in North America
2003 - Introduced LP GEAR AT95SA and high fidelity 95 series
2003 - ViVid Line and Shibata upgrade stylus replacements introduced
2004 - Graham Slee Era Gold phono preamp declared miraculous in Stereophile review
October 2004 - Stereophile bestows Recommended Component status to AT95E
2004 - Elixir of Music Rx3 phono preamp introduced
2006 - Introduced LP Gear Brushes and Cleaners
2007 - Introduced Deft cartridges
2007 - Introduced Nagaoka cartridges to North America
2011 - LP GEAR registered as trademark
2013 - LP GEAR AT95SA reviewed: "10x better than AT95E."
2014 - Introduced the acclaimed BIN High-output MC cartridges
2014 - Re-started selling in Amazon and e-bay
2015 - Introduced LP GEAR CF3600LE cartridge and stylus
2015 - LP GEAR AT95VL awarded HiFi Choice Recommended
2016 - Graham Slee Accession phono preamp starts selling in US
2016 - April 20 - Introduced LP Gear The Vessel Cartridge Series
2016 - July 12 - New LP Gear prismatic website goes online
2016 - November 18 - The Vessel A3SV cartridge received Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards
2017 - January 31 - Expanded Carbon Fidelity cartridge with CF95SE, CFT4PSE and CF6500LE cartridges
2017 - March 8 - Introduced The Vessel Ruby model R3SV cartridge
2017 - August 6 - Introduced The Vessel Ruby models R3SS and R3SM cartridges
2017 - August 7 - Introduced The Vessel Boron model B3SS cartridge
2017 - December 4 - The Vessel R3SM clear winner in under $1,000 11-cartridge shootout
2018 - January - The Vessel A3SE cartridge wins Product of the Year
2020 - April - Operated under Covid-19 restrictions until December 2021. Served customers with excellence despite supply chain issues and out of stocks.
2021 - June 21 - Engagement of grand master designer for Master Class (TM) series of cartridges and styli
2021 - October 28 - Repurposed Upgrade Center to assist end-users in optimizing sound quality
2021 - August - Master Fidelity(TM) series of cartridges and styli
2022 - December - Introduced Special Line Contact stylus replacement upgrades for Shure VN35E/HE, Audio-Technica AT95E, ATN125LC, & ATN3472 Series.
2023 - January 12 - Established relationship with counterpart to revitalize record-playing and undigital music through production of highest quality styli, tips, cartridges and extensions.
2023 - June 20 - Unveiled AT3600L NSS cartridge with special edition nude conical diamond tip for raw and natural sound quality.
2023 - June 25 - Opened Japan office to promote record playing, musical naturalness (undigital sound), phono cartridges, stylus replacements and Earjoy® earphones.
2023 - November 29 - Kickstarted collaboration in Tokyo to usher the latest new standard V3.0 in stylus replacements.

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