Nude Schwarz stylus

The Nude Schwarz stylus (NSS) raises the bar in stylus performance. For over half a century, the traditional way to craft a stylus, which carries on still today, is to bond the stylus tip to a crown (metal shank) that in turn is bonded to the cantilver. The additional mass, and a different material element in between the diamond tip and cantilever, cause some loss of nuance in transmitting groove modulation from the tip to the cantilever. With the Schwarz edition, a nude diamond stylus (a whole diamond) is inserted, fastened and/or glued directly to the cantilever - banishing the need for the crown (metal shank).

“Once you go Schwarz, you never go back.”
The NSS styli are the outcome of modern technology and engineering, human artisanship, years of research, testing, and modernizing of specialed stylus machinery. The results?! We believe you will be amazed by its higher fidelity and exhiraliting sound quality in every NSS stylus that you install in your cartridge! And once you go Schwarz you never go back! The unencumbered polycrystallin diamond tip (for toughness and longer-playing life) directly traces the grooves for optimal retrieval of record groove modulation.

Below are NSS models in our inventory. We will add new NSS models as they become available.

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