JICO stylus

A Super Analogue Stylus elevates a cartridge to its pinnacle of performance and sound quality. JICO is the high quality replacement stylus manufacturer and technological pioneer that developed the superlative Super Analogue Stylus. 1.

The S.A.S. tips are produced using a natural octahedral single-crystal diamond with the most advanced electronic engineering technology. The cantilever is made of special aluminum alloy tube and boron for extremely efficient transmission of vibrations. Rare earth metals with excellent electromagnetic conductivity compose the magnet for the stylus. Experience new state-of-the-art performance and superlative sound quality!

Footnote 1: The full range of Jico styli can be ordered at Jico styli in the Americas. LP TUNES is the authorized and exclusive Jico stylus distributor in the Americas. Pleas contact LP Tunes for dealer and end-user inquiries.