Phono Preamps

A phono preamplifier matches the output of the turntable's phono cartridge to the line input of the preamplifier, integrated amplifier, amplifier, receiver, or audio mixer as the case may be. Manufacturers tend not to include a phono input anymore because many consumers no longer play LPs and records. Many turntables and magnetic pick-up cartridges are however still available in the market. And despite the digitalization of music media, many music listeners have come to realize the superiority of record playing. The music sounds natural and real. The signal from phono cartridges is much smaller than from a CD, tape deck, radio tuner, or auxiliary source - so if you connect to any of those inputs you'll not have much volume. More importantly the tone will be totally wrong - all treble and no bass. Why? Because of equalization, or more precisely the lack of it. What you need is a phono preamplifier. It connects between the turntable and amplifier or hi-fi unit. It magnifies the signal to the required level and, equally importantly, it restores the tonal balance. The ability to perform both functions in the laboratory and in actual listening sessions distinguish one phono preamp from another.

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