intime earphones

Intime earphones offer high frequency sound beyond 40kHz (2 times compared to conventional earphones) and perfect high resolution sound from a modest retail price of 40 US$. Intime is domiciled in Takasaki city, 100km north of Tokyo. They started business in 2016. The number of colleagues in the company are just 5.

Intime's SORA Light Edition achieved in 2020 the the No.1 ranked wired earphones at eEarphones, the largest retailer of porrtable audio in Japan! The SORA was ranked no. 3 among all earphones, surpassing Apple and Samsung's wireless earphones in 2019 and 2020.

The SORA series are made in China and quality is checked in Japan. All products imported from China, upon arrival in Japan, are opened, meticulously QC checked, repackageded by Intime engineers and then shipped to the world.

Intime uses two-way core driver units for sound into the earphones. Their innovation is in the use Piezo ceramic as material for tweeter units. Piezo is utiliized as fish sensor on fishing boats to apply ultra sonic. This devise applies very high frequency sound effciently. Piezo ceramic is also used for cellphones speakers before smartphones. But one major weakeness is Low frequency sound output. Therefore, intime added a dynamic woofer driver to support LOW frequency output and used a Piezo ceramic tweeter focus to be used for Mid and High for earphones. Together with a sound refraction shield to control diffusion, intime earphones direct the sound straight to the ears for a very ballanced sound quality.

CEO Mr. Watanabe had formerly worked for large company as the expert enigineer for a Piezo ceramic devise. With this expereince and expertise, intime developed and invented these great earphones. According to Watanabe: "If a small company focused on one excellent expertise to implement into one product, they can compete with big companies. Intime's huge success in the earphons market is the result of this single-minded strategy.

LP GEAR, a founding member of, is the first international dealer and the exclusive retailer of intime in the US.