LP Gear Ultimate Diamond Stylus Brush

LP Gear Ultimate Diamond Stylus Brush

"Works wonderfully and gets the pesky dust off your stylus!." 1

"This is a nice little compact brush for the needle of my record player. It seems to clean well and also comes with a little plastic case for storage."2

Just one swipe cleans and restores sound quality and clarity of stylus
Thousands of carbon fibers cradle and clean diamond tip
Removes dirt and static charge quickly and effectively
Includes protective plastic case for storage
Comparable to similar products retailing $19.00.


LP Gear Ultimate Diamond Stylus Brush

Retail: $19.00

Product Info

- Removes dirt and restores sound quality

With thousands of soft carbon fibers cradled together, the LP GEAR® Ultimate Diamond Stylus Brush cleans your cartridge's stylus with no fluids required. Removes dirt and electrostatic charge. For stubborn grime, wet the brush with a few drops of distilled water to loosen crud and gunk that have caked on the tip. The LP GEAR Ultimate Diamond Stylus Brush is comparable to similar devices selling for $19.00!

Just brush with its densely-packed bristles to thoroughly clean the needle tip of a stylus. Brushes off the dirt and grime that coat the diamond tip and muddy the sound.

Note: Brush from the back to the front - never side to side. Start behind the stylus tip and brush forward delicately.

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