LP Gear X3 Record Cleaning & Anti-Static Brush (comparable value $30.00)

LP Gear X3 Record Cleaning & Anti-Static Brush (comparable value $30.00)

"Excellent dry record brush very similar to Hunt eda, lower price."

"I have the LP Gear branded brush listed above, it does a nice job removing dust." 1

"I have this brush and it works fine. I also wet clean any LP's that I buy, and I use this brush to dust it off before playing." 2

Cleans away dust, dirt and static
Whisks 3 ways better than conventional brushes
Velvet pad in between 2 rows of carbon fiber bristles


LP Gear X3 Record Cleaning & Anti-Static Brush (comparable value $30.00)


Product Info


LP Gear introduces the best record cleaning and anti-static brush! The LP Gear X3 is better than plain vanilla single row brush. It has two rows of high grade special carbon fiber bristles to whisk away dust, dirt and static. The center velvet pad sweeps off the debris extracted by the carbon fiber bristles.

How to use the LP Gear X3 Record Brush
Set the LP Gear X3 straight across the record. Hold it by the sides to keep it in place. Use the brush's own weight, there is no need to apply pressure. Let the record spin under it for 2 rotations and as it turns slowly draw it to the outside and and slide off the record. It's that easy and simple. Rest the brush on the protective cradle when not in use. The X3 can be used by itself or with a record cleaning solution of your preference.

For Extra Cleaning
For extra cleaning motion, start with the brush bristles for a rotation, and then angle the brush from the bristles to the felt. The felt pad will pick up dirt released and uncollected earlier.

How to Clean the X3 Brush and Pad
Use a new soft toothbrush to lightly brush the velvet pad and bristles. Some like to wipe the pad and bristles with their fingers which carry leftover lotion, oil, dirt and bacteria from handling other materials. We recommend a soft toothbrush.


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