LP Gear Zero Level

LP Gear Zero Level

LP Gear Zero Level

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The new LP Gear Zero Level is designed to accurately level a variety of electronic components and parts such as equipment racks and stands, turntables, tonearms, platters, speakers, CD and DVD players.

Accuracy and versatility are built into each LP Gear Zero Level. Its size and light weight allow it to be used with weight critical and sensitive parts. The inner face of the top window - the dome that the bubble runs around - is molded as a single part extending to the vial's base. This feature ensures that the critical inner dome is precisely horizontal or level with its base. Its accuracy is thus astonishing. When the bubble is center within 0.5 mm in any direction, the maximum error is only 0.22°. An angle change of 0.88° will move the bubble by 2 mm.

Dimensions: 11 mm (0.44"d)
Weight: 6 g

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