LP Gear ATN3472SA stylus

LP Gear ATN3472SA stylus

Ultimate fidelity replacement Audio-Technica ATN3472SA stylus
Shibata diamond for exquisite fidelity and sound quality
Diamond tip r/R radii: 6/75 µm (.0002 × .0030 inch)
Exceptional tracing, fluidity and innate delicacy
Extends fluidity and innate delicacy of original ATN3472LC
Special alloy cantilever for firm and responsive groove contact
Genuine, original, unsurpassed LP GEAR® stylus


LP Gear ATN3472SA stylus

Code: LPGATN3472SA

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The LP Gear ATN-3472SA ATN3472SA needle stylus features a highly polished Shibata diamond mounted on a thin-wall Zualum tubular cantilever. It offers long playing life, exceptional tracing of record grooves superb detail and harmoniously opulent sound quality. While there are newer designs under different nomenclatures promising better performance, we believe based on our ears and many others we trust that our Shibata divines music with faithful accuracy, grace and numina. The Shibata stylus offers an exquisite listening experience that keeps you wanting to play more LP's and records. The stylus is made in Japan using the most advanced polishing technology and stringent quality control. It is handcrafted by artisans who know how to produce world-class replacement styli.

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