Nagaoka JN-555 JN555 Expert Super stylus

Nagaoka JN-555 JN555 Expert Super stylus

Nagaoka JN-555 JN555 Expert Super stylus

Code: JN555

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The Nagaoka JN-555 stylus private labeled for Expert Super uses the same Ultra-Ex nude stylus and solid carbon black cantilever as the original Nagaoka JN-555 stylus.

The Ultra-Ex stylus offers top performance for stereo to discrete four-channel reproduction, long playing life and clear tonal sound quality. The solid carbon black cantilever with its very high rigidity and very low effective mass, faithfully transmits the most delicate movements of the stylus tip to the magnet. By combining the solid carbon black cantilever with the Ultra-Ex stylus tip, the frequency response range has been widened to cover everything from the subsonic to the supersonic.

Nagaoka JN-555 Expert Super Stylus Specifications
- Type: Stereo moving magnet
- Frequency response: 10Hz-28kHz
- Channel separation @ 1kHz: >20dB
- Output voltage @ 1kHz: 3.3mV
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: 1dB
- Recommended load: 50k ohm
- Stylus: Ultra-Extend (Nude Shibata equivalent)
- Cantilever: Solid carbon black (Special carbon fiber)
- Dynamic compliance: 10 x 10 -6 cm/dyne/100Hz
- Static compliance: 20 x 10 - 6 cm/dyne
- Tracking force: 1.1 - 1.5 g (Optimum 1.3 g)

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