LP GEAR Ultimate Headshell

LP GEAR Ultimate Headshell

Engineered for ultimate sound purity, nuance and detail
Highly precision processed 2.5 mm high rigidity Duralumin
Fingerlift curvature and 12.9 mm length for precise control
SOAR HD5 headshell wires for organically highest fidelity
Heavily plated gold phosphor bronze plugs for pure connectivity
9.0g weight with SOAR HD5 headshell wires


LP GEAR Ultimate Headshell


Silver version: See Related Products.
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The LP Gear® Ultimate (U) headshell is one of the finest half-inch mount headshells in the world. You can compare it with the best brands selling for $300 and with due diligence you'll discover its superiority in design, materials used, and exquisite quality.

Elegantly simple and engineered with very high precision in Japan using selected parts and material, each LP Gear U headshell is designed to deliver ultra sound purity, nuance and detail. The U headshell with headshell wires included weighs about 9.0 grams.

For tensile strength, lightness and structural integrity, the LP Gear UHD headshell uses a special alloy - highly precision processed satin finished high rigidity Duralumin. A similar metal alloy is used in the aerospace industry.

For pure connectivity, the U headshell comes with heavily plated gold plugs and very high purity oxygen free copper Litz wires. Each twisted wire, exquisitely encased in clear insulation, is designed to reduce RFI and EMI. Terminal tips are gold plated phosphor bronze.

Now here's a headshell for the ultimate high fidelity listener - the LP Gear Ultimate headshell.

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