LP Gear Zupreme Headshell

LP Gear Zupreme Headshell

LP Gear Zupreme Headshell


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- Made in Japan by Jelco to LP Gear Zupreme specifications.

The LP Gear Zupreme™ headshell is the finest half-inch mount headshell available. Engineered and then hand-assembled and polished to satin crispness by Jelco master artisans in Japan, each LP Gear Z headshell is holistically designed to achieve highest fidelity. The Zupreme headshell with headshell wires included weigh 12.0 grams.

For strength, lightness and structural solidity, the LP Gear Z headshell uses an aerospace construction metal alloy we call Zupreme. A similar metal alloy is used in high grade engine components and engine blocks by Porsche, Volkswagen and BMW.

NOTE: For electrical connectivity, the latest production run features a new version of Jelco gold-plated plugs crimped on to high conductivity sleeve-encased lead wires that are different from the older version. Each wire is sleeve-insulated to maintain the conductive integrity of the high conductivity copper.

The LP Gear Z headshell is also horizontally adjustable (azimuth) via a flat head screw. This is a critical feature. It enables the user to horizontally align the diamond tip of a stylus for correct tracing of record grooves thus resulting in highest fidelity.

Now there's a headshell for the supreme listener - the LP Gear Z SL headshell.

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