LP Gear ZUPREME 10G Headshell made in Japan

LP Gear ZUPREME 10G Headshell made in Japan

Designed and optimized for sound quality and compatibility with most turntables
QUAL and performance unsurpassed by other headshells regardless of price and hype
3.0mm solid Magnesium alloy frame for structural rigidity & low resonance
Horizontally adjustable (azimuth) for optimal sound quality
Heavily gold plated plugs for pure electrical transfer
High purity copper twisted wires, cocooned for conductive unitary integrity
10.15 weight compatable with many tonearms without need fo extra counterweight
Exquisitely custom-made in Japan exclusively for LP GEAR®


LP Gear ZUPREME 10G Headshell made in Japan


Product Info


The new LP Gear Zupreme™ 10G headshell is designed for supreme fidelity and compatibility with most turntables equipped with a standard half-inch mount tonearm — so now, in LP GEAR-style many more can enjoy more music. Engineered and then Hand-assembled and polished to satin perfection by artisans in Japan, the LP Gear 10G headshell features a 3.0mm thick Zupreme Magnesium alloy 12.7mm × 51.5mm frame for structural strength & low resonance.

For supreme electrical transfer, heavily plated gold plugs and very high purity copper wires are used as base material. Each twisted wire is exquisitely cocooned and wrapped to maintain the conductive unitary integrity of high purity copper.

The LP Gear 10G headshell is also horizontally adjustable (azimuth) via an slotted head screw. This is a critical feature exclusive to the most technically advanced headshells. It enables the user to horizontally align the diamond tip of a stylus for correct minute tracing of record grooves thus resulting in highest fidelity.

Tonearm friendly 10.1g total weight for use with most turntables without need for additional counterweight.

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