StylusTimer + FREE S&H within US Mainland

StylusTimer + FREE S&H within US Mainland

Know precisely how many hours are on your stylus or cartridge
Track break-in hours and changes in sound quality over time
Protect your record collection from damage from a worn stylus
Maximize your cartridge investment, especially with expensive high-end cartridges
Have fun watching the hours climb, tracking your listening habits
Long lasting performance and durability


StylusTimer + FREE S&H within US Mainland


Free Ground Shipping (US Mainland)

Product Info

- So you'll know when its time... to replace your stylus.

You don't want a car without an odometer. Then you don’t want a turntable without a StylusTimer.

Created by syndicated Sound Advice columnist Don Lindich, StylusTimer (US and international patents pending) is a special chronograph designed, programmed and manufactured for use with turntables. With StylusTimer, users can easily and precisely track stylus hours. Once you have a StylusTimer, you won’t know how you ever lived without it. The importance of tracking stylus use: Most turntable owners know the stylus (needle) of a phono cartridge takes a certain amount of time to break-in and has a total lifespan of a thousand hours or so, depending on the cartridge model and how it has been used. But few if any turntable owners know precisely how many hours are on their stylus because there was never an easy and convenient way to track it.

Now there is - with StylusTimer.

Protect your records

A worn stylus not only reduces sound quality, it can permanently damage your record collection. With Stylus Timer you will know when it's time to replace your stylus, preserving your valuable records.

Get the most out of your cartridge investment

You won’t want to replace a cartridge/stylus before its time. StylusTimer will help you anticipate and plan cartridge/stylus upgrades and replacements.

Have more fun!

StylusTimer adds a new, fun dimension to turntable ownership and your music listening experience. You will enjoy watching the hours add up, seeing how much time you spend enjoying music.Vinyl enthusiasts discussing their cartridges can now share their experiences with a new level of precision, for example “my new cartridge was broken in at 41 hours” and “my cartridge now has 537 hours on it.”

Easy to use

See simple instructions in product packaging.

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