Audio-Technica Record Clamp Disc Stabilizer AT618

Audio-Technica Record Clamp Disc Stabilizer AT618

Improves bass tightness, nuance and channel separation
Cleans and clarifies for pristine sound quality
600g (1 lb 5 oz) weight clamps record for firm spinning
Very heavy yet doesn't interfere with belt function
Dampens resonance for less noise, more music


Audio-Technica Record Clamp Disc Stabilizer AT618

Code: AT0618

Product Info

- Clamps record and reduces resonance for less noise, more music

The Audio Technica AT-618 Non-resonant Disc Stabilzer is a very useful accessory for music listeners, audio enthusiasts, and DJ's who require higher fidelity sound quality and extractive performance from their records. The AT618 stabilizer's specially inert material dampens resonance as it sits on top of the record over the turntable spindle and applies 600 grams of weight, holding the record firmly in place while stabilizing the record and improving overall sound quality. This is especially useful when playing records where bass vibration or resonance is an issue, when playing a slightly warped record or when recording your vinyl into your computer and you need a cleaner sound.

Proven in use for decades in audiophile turntable systems, the Audio-Technica AT 618 stabilizer has in recent years been rediscovered by respected vinyl loving DJs like James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), Prins Thomas and Jacques Renault. The Audio-Technica AT618 stabilizer covers your labels if you're concerned with people who can successfully identify obscure music a DJ plays (trainspotters). It works wonders on those records that are slightly warped.

The Audio Technica AT618 is recommended for use with high torque turntables with firm platter suspension. It will not work well with turntables that have soft suspension and weak drive systems.

Audio-Technica AT618 Disc Stabilizer Specifications
- Top cylinder: 66.3 mm (2.6 inches) diameter
- Height from top to bottom: 30.6 mm (1.2 inches)
- Bottom cylinder: 80 mm (3.2 inches) diameter
- Material: Inert non-resonant
- Weight: 600 g (1 lb. and 5 ounces)
- Made in Japan

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