Audio-Technica ATN150Sa stylus

Audio-Technica ATN150Sa stylus

Nude Shibata diamond for exquisite sound quality
Extends fluidity and innate delicacy of AT150 design
Genuine, original, unsurpassed Audio-Technica stylus


Audio-Technica ATN150Sa stylus

Code: ATN150SA
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Product Info

- Genuine, unsurpassed original, 100% authentic stylus by Audio-Technica

The ATN-150Sa is the stylus specified for the Audio-Technica AT150Sa cartridge and as replacement substitutes for its progenitors. The progenitors of the new AT150SA are the AT150MLX and AT150ANV cartridges. It offers exceptional accuracy and very high fidelity. Within their celestial universe, the ATN150SA with its Nude Shibata stylus also convey delicacy. Graced with a Nude Shibata stylus on a tapered pipe aluminum cantilever, the ATN150SA through technical expertise and artisanship lifts from the record grooves sublime music. Music you'll want to keep enjoying.

Audio-Technica ATN150SA specifications
- Type: Moving Magnet VM Dual Magnet Stereo
- Frequency response: 10 ~ 25,000 Hz
- Output voltage: 4.0 mV (1kHz, 5 cm/sec.)
- Channel separation: 30 dB (1kHz)
- Output balance: 1.0 dB (1kHz)
- Tracking force: 1.0 ~ 1.8 g (1.4 g standard)
- Static compliance: 40 × 10-6 cm/dyne
- Dynamic compliance: 10 × 10-6 cm/dyne (100Hz)
- Vertical tracking angle: 23 °
- Stylus: Nude Shibata
- Cantilever: Aluminum, taper pipe

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