Zerostat 3 Antistatic Gun by Milty

Zerostat 3 Antistatic Gun by Milty

Latest Zerostat 3 Anti-static Gun by Milty
Proven use in the laboratory, office, and home
Effective at neutralizing static on virtually any surface


Zerostat 3 Antistatic Gun by Milty


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- Latest model of proven anti-static product in the laboratory, office, and home. See demo and instructional video here.

Effective at neutralizing static charges on virtually any surface without the need for sprays, the Zerostat 3 by Milty helps keep LP phonograph records, vinyl, CDs, DVDs, film, negatives, lenses, glass, and plasticware static-free, dust-free and lint-free. It can also be used in scientific equipment, fashion fabrics or any equipment that needs to be free of static electric build up. It is the latest development and incarnation of the renowned Zerostat piezo-electric pistol that has been proven worldwide in neutralizing static electricity found in the laboratory, office, and home. Each Zerostat 3 comes with complete instructions including a test procedure to confirm that the unit is working properly.

ZEROSTAT Instructions and FAQ

How do I use it?
Hold the Zerostat 3 within 12" (30.5 cm) of the surface or object to be treated. Squeeze the trigger slowly for about two seconds, to emit a stream of positive ionized air over the surface of the object. As the trigger is slowly released, a negative flow of air ions is produced resulting in static neutralization. Repeat this procedure at several points across the surface of the object.

How much charge is given off?
Each squeeze of the trigger results in a discharge, when stated in units of charge, is 1.5 Coulumbs.

How long will it last?
One can reasonably expect on the order of 10,000 such "squeeze cycles" during the lifetime of a Zerostat 3 unit, although the typical Zerostat 3 will last much longer, sometimes as long as up to 50,000 trigger squeezes. The Zerostat 3 needs no batteries or electrical supply nor does it contain any radioactive components.

Where can it be used?
The Zerostat gun, in theory, will work in any atmosphere but great caution must be exercised before using it with or in flammable or combustible gases.

Are there replacement parts?
The Zerostat 3 is designed to be a disposable product. It is not built to be taken apart and there are not replacement parts.

Is it safe?
The Zerostat is "safe" but we would still advise keeping it out of the reach of children who could easily see it as a toy. One should never press the "muzzle" against their skin and squeeze the trigger, it could cause quite a sting. We also advise never to carry this product as carry-on luggage on a plane flight. It could be mistaken for a lethal object! You could be held up to the point of missing your flight while explaining to security personnnel just what is a Zerostat. This cautionary note is directed to many service engineers who carry a Zerostat 3 as part of their tool kit.

How much does it weigh?
The net weight of the Zerostat gun is 135 g (0.30 lbs). The typical packaging used for the shipment of a single Zerostat results in a shipping weight of 200 g (0.44 lbs). The unit is highly portable and easy to control and handle.

What is the size of it?
4.5" x 6.5"

What colors does it come in?
The Zerostat 3 originally came in red. The new Zerostat 3 comes in blue.

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