The Vessel Stylus A3SE

The Vessel Stylus A3SE

"LP Gear's The Vessel A3SE cartridge is an absolute world-beater at $99. To say I was wowed is a huge understatement, and I very clearly preferred The Vessel A3SE to a lot of $400 cartridges I have tried before. The presentation is slightly forward in perspective, with sound that is silky-smooth, rich, clean, precise and detailed, with beautiful tonality from deepest bass to highest treble. The superlatives just flow when describing it, just as beautiful music flows from this exceptional cartridge." - Don Lindich, Sound Advice Q&A Newspaper Column"1

"I have this cart on my KAB modified SL1200 M5G and it sounds amazing for a $99. In fact, I no longer listen to my AT-OC9ML/II. I run this through a Schitt Mani with a Swagman PSU. I'm keen to try the model with the ruby cantilever and microcline stylus who some claim beats out a 2M Black.2

"Experiencing the Vessel A3SE and its performance at the price is probably the most shocking experience I have had in 15 years of reviewing audio. There is a complete line of The Vessel cartridges and they can also be upgraded by changing the stylus, so it can grow with you when you upgrade to a new turntable. Given how great the A3SE sounds, I can only imagine what the more expensive models are like!"3

"The A3SE is incredible for $99. If I heard this and was told $350, I'd believe it."4


The Vessel Stylus A3SE


Product Info

- Much more than music.

When the time comes to replace the stylus, with the Vessel Stylus A3SE you'll again enjoy completely the wonderfully disruptive Full Spectra Sound and sentience of the A3SE cartridge.5 The beautiful, natural tonal balance and richly harmonic presentation convey sentience™ — the energy beyond hearing, beyond listening hiding in the grooves of your vinyl.

The Vessel A3SE Stylus Specifications
- Type: Moving Magnet
- Frequency range: 20-25,000 Hz
- Output voltage @ 1kHz: 3.0 mV
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: <1.5dB
- Channel separation @ 1kHz: 22dB
- Dynamic compliance (100Hz): 8 × 10-6 cm/dyne
- Tracking ability at 2.0g : 60 µm
- Cantilever: Special type aluminum pipe
- Stylus type: Super elliptical
- Stylus tip radius: 7.6µm × 15.5µm
- Tracking force: 2.0 g


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