LP Gear replacement for Realistic R16X stylus

LP Gear replacement for Realistic R16X stylus

Special elliptical diamond for very high fidelity
.0003 x .0007 inch radii for precision tracing accuracy
Tracking force: 1.0 - 1.5 g
Precision engineered and artisinally crafted in Japan
Genuine, 100% authentic LP GEAR® stylus


LP Gear replacement for Realistic R16X stylus

Code: RSR16X

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The LP Gear replacement for the Realistic R16X needle stylus is designed for the Shure Realistic RXT5 and RXT6 phono cartridges. The stylus features an integrated stylus guard, a carbon fiber damper brush, and a highly polished special elliptical diamond with a .0003 x .0007 inch scanning radii. It is bonded to a thin-wall Zualum metal alloy cantilever for natural sound quality and excellent tracking and tracing of record grooves, thus resulting in very high accuracy and musicality. The stylus is made in Japan by a world-class manufacturer with a reputation for crafting musically excellent and high-quality replacement styli.

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