LP Gear replacement for Panasonic Technics EPS-23ES stylus

LP Gear replacement for Panasonic Technics EPS-23ES stylus

Special elliptical diamond for very high fidelity
.0003 x .0007 inch radii for precision tracing accuracy
Genuine, unsurpassed 100% original LP GEAR® stylus


LP Gear replacement for Panasonic Technics EPS-23ES stylus

Code: PAS023ES

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Product Info

- Elliptical stylus upgrade for Panasonic Technics EPC-P23 cartridge

The LP Gear replacement for the Panasonic Technics EPS-23ES EPS23ES stylus features an aluminum cantilever and a highly polished special elliptical diamond tip. The stylus offers more effective tracking and tracing of record grooves thus resulting in very high musical accuracy, natural tonal balance and harmonic detail.

Stylus Upgrade
- Upgrade stylus: EPS23HE stylus
- Ultimate upgrade stylus: Jico SAS EPS23ES stylus

Panasonic EPC-P23 Cartridge Specifications
- Type: Moving magnet stereo cartridge, one-point suspension system
- Magnet: Somarium cobalt
- Frequency response: 10~40 kHz; 20~10 kHz ± 1 db
- Output voltage @ 5cm/sec: 2.5 mV
- Channel separation @ 1 kHz: More than 22 dB
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: Within 1.8 dB
- Recommended load impedance: 47 k&ohm ~ 100 k&ohm
- Compliance (dynamic): 12 x 10-6 cm/dyne
- Stylus pressure range: 1.25 ± 0.25g
- Weight: 6 g (cartridge only)
- Replacement stylus: EPS-23ES (Elliptical stylus)

Note: Specifications provided for reference to the original product only.

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