Ortofon 2M Blue stylus

Ortofon 2M Blue stylus

"the transients and bloom of the string quartet were reproduced with no trace of coloration or smear. Superb transient articulation and dynamics. Competes with cartridges at double its price." 1

Stereophile Recommended Component Class C 2
Nude elliptical diamond for excellent tracing accuracy
Diamond tip r/R radii: 8/18 µm (.0003 x .0007 inch)
Smooth and capable of prismatic articulation


Ortofon 2M Blue stylus


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The Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus features a nude elliptical diamond and is recommended for the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, to bring it back to its original specifications and performance.


Featuring the same technical specifications as the original 2M Blue, the 2m Blue 100 model has been released to promote stylus upgrades for existing Ortofon customers throughout the company’s centenary year. The reason behind the new stylus is purely to promote cartridge upgrade - for owners of budget to midrange turntables that are looking to take their first steps on the upgrade path, or are perhaps ready to change their Ortofon 2M Red or 2M Silver.

The 2M Blue Stylus may also be used to upgrade the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge to 2M Blue performance.

Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus Specifications
-Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/sec.: 5.5mV
-Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz + 2/-1dB
-Stylus type: Nude elliptical
-Stylus tip radius: .0003 x .0007 inch
-Tracking force range: 1.6-2.0g
-Tracking force, recommended: 1.8g

Recommended for following cartridges: 2M BLue, interchangeable with 2M Red

Stylus lifetime: With proper care, Ortofon finds that up to 1000 hours is possible without degradation of performance.
See Ortofon's info on Stylus Care: _______________________________________

Footnote 1: "Recommended 500 Components", Stereophile, Vol. 39 No.10 (October 2016) 65.

Footnote 2: Ibid.

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