LP Gear ATN3472VL stylus

LP Gear ATN3472VL stylus

ViVid Line Contact diamond stylus for exceptional sound quality
Lifts sound quality (SQ) beyond original production stylus
Diamond tip r/R radii: 6/75 µm (.0002 x .0030 inch)
Low-mass aluminum cantilever for firm and sensitive response to grooves
Made by Japanese shokunin crafting each stylus to perfection
LP GEAR® stylus - Above and beyond copies and generics


LP Gear ATN3472VL stylus

Code: LPGATN3472HE

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The highly acclaimed LP Gear ATN3472VL, with its Vivid Line diamond tip bonded to a thin-wall aluminum alloy cantilever, traces the record grooves with complex accuracy, extended high frequency response and vivid harmonic sound quality beyond the capability of regular and special ellipticals. The ATN3472VL is suitable and will sound marvelous with phono cartridges that use any of the ATN3472, ATN3474 or ATN3482 stylus series. The stylus is made in Japan using the most advanced technology, stringent quality control, and handcrafted by stylus artisans who produce best in class replacement styli.

Stylus Alternatives and Options
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LP Gear ATN3472VL Stylus Technical Detail
- Frequency response: 12Hz-27kHz
- Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/sec: 3mV
- Channel balance: 1dB
- Channel separation @ 1kHz/10kHz: 29/19dB
- Stylus type: Highly polished vivid line diamond
- Stylus tip: .0002 x .0029 inch
- Cantilever: Thin-wall aluminum alloy tube
- Tracking force: 1.0-1.5g
- Color: Beige

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