Nagaoka JN-P110 stylus for Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge

Nagaoka JN-P110 stylus for Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge

"That refinement I mentioned earlier gives a real "taste of the high-end". In comparison, my memory of the Ortofon 2M Red (on a different table, mind you) was of a rougher sound."1

"... it provides a musical performance that is completely satisfying and fulfilling,while still having the ability to create those "oh, wow" moments..."2


Nagaoka JN-P110 stylus for Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge

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The Nagaoka JN-P110 JNP110 needle stylus is specified for the Nagaoka MP-110 MP110 phono cartridge and older MP-11 cartridges. It features a super-fine polished elliptical diamond bonded to an aluminum alloy cantilever for a firmer grip on the record grooves, resulting in better tonality, detail and air. The aluminum cantilever is more durable and longer lasting. The stylus is made in Japan by a Nagaoka.

Nagaoka JN-P110 Stylus Specifications
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
- Output voltage @ 1kHz: 5mV
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: 1.5dB
- Channel separation @ 1kHz: >23dB
- Stylus type: .0004 x .0007 inch super-fine polished elliptical bonded diamond
- Cantilever: Aluminum alloy
- Tracking force: 1.5 - 2.0g
- Break-in period: 30 hours
- Color: Yellow

Note: Nagaoka created the MP cartridges for use with their specified stylus. Thus using a MP200 stylus (JNP200) with a MP150 cartridge may upgrade its sound quality (SQ) BUT will not turn it into a MP200 cartridge. Same for the MP100 and MP110, MP300 and MP500.

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