LP Gear 78 RPM replacement for Audio-Technica ATN3600 stylus

LP Gear 78 RPM replacement for Audio-Technica ATN3600 stylus

Excellent 78 RPM record harmonic detail reproduction
3.0 mil diamond for correct tracing 78 RPM record grooves
Accurate sound reproduction of 78RPM recorded material
Specified for AT3600L cartridge and similarly based models
Precision engineered and exquisitely crafted in Japan
LP GEAR® stylus - Above and beyond copies and generics


LP Gear 78 RPM replacement for Audio-Technica ATN3600 stylus

Code: ATN3600W

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The LP Gear 78 RPM replacement for the Audio-Technica ATN-3600 ATN3600 needle stylus can be used in any Audio-Technica AT3600 series cartridge (AT3600, AT3600L, CN5625AL, and many other private label cartridges). The stylus features a 3.0 mil polished diamond designed specifically for the correct tracing of the wide grooves of 78 RPM records. It results in minimal groove wear and accurate rendition of voice and music. The stylus is made in Japan by one of the most reputable and highest quality replacement stylus manufacturers in the world.

A very common misconception is that you can use an LP stylus for playing 78 RPM records. This is one quick and sure way to damage the 78 RPM record grooves. To maintain the playback fidelity of your 78 record, you really need to use a stylus designed for 78 RPM records, otherwise with just a single playing, you could ruin the fidelity of the record grooves. Moreover, the LP stylus is much narrower than the 78 RPM record groove hence the tip will slide to the bottom of the groove where debris has collected for many decades. This results in extraordinarily high-surface noise.

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