New standard V3.0 replacement for Audio-Technica ATN3472C stylus

New standard V3.0 replacement for Audio-Technica ATN3472C stylus

"What I learned from this unusual investigation is that the difference between a $100 cartridge and a $10,000 cartridge is not nearly as big as I previously imagined. Also, the difference between a $1000 turntable and a $10,000 turntable is much greater than I thought it was."1

New NSS stylus elevates sound quality of AT3472 AT3482 AT81CP cartridges
Nude Conical diamond for raw fidelity, emphasizes musical content unperplexed by air
Diamond tip r/R radius: 15 µm (.0006 inch) conical diamond tip
Low-mass aluminum cantilever for firm and sensitive response to grooves
Genuine NSS LP Gear stylus above and beyond original styli, copies and types.


New standard V3.0 replacement for Audio-Technica ATN3472C stylus

Code: ATN3472C

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- Better sound quality (SQ) from new Version 3.0 standard.

The LP GEAR® NSS stylus is the Version 3.0 standard replacement for the Audio-Technica ATN3472C ATN-3472C needle stylus. The ATN3472C stylus is used in many phono cartridges under private label and installed in many turntables. The ATN-3472C ATN3472C stylus features a bonded conical diamond tip for low-cost and decent sound.

Version 1.0/2.0 vs Version 3.0 For over half a century, the standard way (Version 1.0 and 2.0) to craft a stylus is to bond the stylus tip to a crown (metal shank) that in turn is bonded to the cantilver. The additional mass, and a different material element in between the diamond tip and cantilever, cause some loss of nuance in transmitting groove modulation from the tip to the cantilever. The Nude Schwarz stylus (NSS) raises the performance of conicals and all stylus tip types even further! With the NSS edition (Version 3.0), a nude diamond stylus (a whole diamond) is inserted, fastened and/or glued directly to the cantilever - banishing the need for the crown (metal shank).

Thus, you can hear higher fidelity and exhilirating sound quality in every NSS stylus that you install in your cartridge! The unencumbered polycrystallin diamond tip (for toughness and longer-playing life) directly traces the grooves for optimal retrieval of record groove modulation.

Higher Tier Stylus Options
- Very Good Fidelity: ATN3472SE
- Excellent Fidelity: CFNT4PSE
- Superior Fidelity stylus: ATN3472VL
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Footnote 1: Herb Reichert, "Gramophone Dreams #44: Audio-Technica, Goldring, LP Gear phono cartridges."

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