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LP Gear stylus for Signet MR 5.0e cartridge

LP Gear stylus for Signet MR 5.0e cartridge

Code: SIGMRN50e

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The LP Gear stylus for the Signet Maximum Resolution Series MR 5.0e cartridge features the original manufacturer's thin-wall cantilever and a special elliptical diamond for better tracking and tracing of the record groove. It results in fine detail, dynamics, deep sound stage and fuller sound.

Note: The LP Gear stylus does not look the same externally as the original Signet stylus but it fits exactly internally and plays exquisitely. Signet added thickness and weight and a flip down stylus protector. Ours use the original equipment manufacturer's stylus platform that the Signet stylus was based on. It has the same internal profile hence its exact fitness to the Signet MR 5.0e cartridge.

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