LP Gear Upgrade replacement for Stanton D6800HP stylus

LP Gear Upgrade replacement for Stanton D6800HP stylus

Special Jico D680SL stylus for Stanton D6800HP stylus
Made by Japanese shokunin seeking to create perfection with each stylus
Sound quality (SQ) and performance beyond current production substitutes
Superior quality bonded spherical diamond tip; tracking force: 2-5 grams
Lower output voltage with better sound: 5.0 mV | orginal stylus's 8.0 mV
Genuine, unsurpassed, Jico® stylus


LP Gear Upgrade replacement for Stanton D6800HP stylus

Code: STAD6800HPE

Product Info


LP GEAR upgrade D6800HP stylus features a highly polished and precision profiled spherical diamond for long playing life, reduced record wear and excellent reproduction of recorded music. The suggested LP Gear stylus is provisioned to elevate the musical performance of the Stanton 680HP cartridge and other fine Stanton DJ cartridges

The color of the replacement stylus is gray like the original D6800HP stylus. With its lower output voltage of 5.0 mV compared to 8.0 mv with the original, there will be a noticeable lower volume but higher quality sound.

Stanton's 680 HP cartridge has been trusted and sought after by club DJs for many years. The LP Gear D6800HP stylus replacement delivers a full bodied sound rich with gusto and texture of complex detail, harmonics and silky highs with the accompaniment of precise bass lines.

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