LP Gear Shibata replacement for Stanton D6800 EEE-IIS (D6800EEE-IIS) stylus

LP Gear Shibata replacement for Stanton D6800 EEE-IIS (D6800EEE-IIS) stylus

D6800EEE II-S Shibata stylus for exquisite fidelity and sound quality
Extends fluidity and innate delicacy of original stylus
Diamond tip r/R radii: 6/75 µm (.0002 x .0030 inch)
Special low-mass aluminum alloy cantilever for sensitivity to grooves
Made in Japan by master artisans, highly skilled stylus Takumi
Each stylus individually QCed with listening test as final inspection
LP GEAR® stylus - Above and beyond imitations and generics


LP Gear Shibata replacement for Stanton D6800 EEE-IIS (D6800EEE-IIS) stylus

Code: STAD6800EEE2S

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The LP GEAR's best replacement for the Stanton D6800-EEE-IIS D6800EEEII-S stylus features a highly polished Shibata diamond mounted on a thin-wall metal alloy tube cantilever. It offers superior tracing of record grooves and results in highly faithful and musically excellent reproduction of recorded voice, music and harmonic detail. The stylus is an exquisite performer offering natural tone, pristine clarity and harmonic opulence.

Special Notes
(1) The cartridge needs to be aligned and set-up properly using an alignment protractor. Due to its special ability to reveal detail, if the cartridge is improperly aligned, you will hear distortion.

(2) We recommend that you detach the supplied brush. It's easier to align and optimize and it delivers better sound quality.

Alternative Stylus and Options
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