LP Gear Super Shibata AT95SS cartridge

LP Gear Super Shibata AT95SS cartridge

ATN95SS Nude Super Sibata diamond tip for exquisite sound quality
Lifts sound quality (SQ) beyond original production stylus
Low-mass aluminum cantilever for firm and sensitive response to grooves
Made by Japanese engineers and shokunin crafting each stylus to perfection
LP GEAR® stylus - Above and beyond copies and originals


LP Gear Super Shibata AT95SS cartridge


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Product Info

- with Nude Super Shibata diamond super tip

Non-amplified music does not sound shrill with shards that are painful to hear. With the AT95SS, you'll hear music rendered in opulent detail, acoustiic dimension and space in between the instruments and feel the cavity and vocal timbre of singers. It's a delicate and exhilirating experience, one not easy to forget.

In developing the AT95SS, we brought together best-selling and world-class stylus engineers and talented technicians to create the best Shibata stylus for the AT95E cartridge. The results have been nothing short of miraculous and very musically rewarding. Listen and have a salubrious time. You'll love it.

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