Bang & Olufsen cartridge

The MMC cartridge is a sterling example of BANG & OLUFSEN'S pursuit and execution of superior design and engineering. "MMC" stands for Moving Micro-Cross, a design principle that integrated all of the cartridge components - coils, magnet, cantilever, and stylus and which became the patented moving-iron principle upon which all B&O cartridges were based. The MMC moving-iron cartridge is designed to produce the finest groove separation and accurate reproduction of music.

The availability of B&O MMC cartridges is limited to stock on hand. The B&O MMC 20 series and B&O MMC series cartridges have been discontinued and are no longer available. For those committed to their Beogram turntables, we have acquired and are offering for sale a limited number of original B&O MMC cartridges. These are available while supplies last.