Denon cartridge

DENON'S involvement with moving coil cartridges dates back to the 1930s when they were engaged in a joint R&D effort with NHK to produce a high performance and high reliability cartridge for broadcast use. The legendary DL-103 moving coil phono cartridge was introduced in 1963, which became one of the longest running products in audio history. The DL-103, still used by broadcasters and audiophiles, spawned the development of outstanding MC cartridges that continue to be an indispensable component for music lovers, audiophiles, recording studios, sound professionals, musicians and custom installers today. LP Gear is proud to carry and recommend the full line of Denon cartridges: Denon DL-102, Denon DL-103, Denon DL-110, Denon DL-301 II, DENON DL-304, Denon DL-S1 and the Denon DL-A100.