LP Gear Shibata replacement for ADC RSZ Improved stylus

LP Gear Shibata replacement for ADC RSZ Improved stylus

Upgrade ADC RSZ Aliptic stylus replacement for ADC ZLM and XLM cartridges
Shibata diamond for exquisite fidelity and sound quality
Extends fluidity and innate delicacy of original stylus design
Diamond tip r/R radii: 6/75 µm (.0002 x .0030 inch)
Special alloy tube cantilever for firm and sensitive response to grooves
Made by Japanese shokunin creating perfection, one stylus at a time
Each crafted stylus undergoes QC and listening test as final inspection
LP GEAR® stylus - Above and beyond copies and generics


LP Gear Shibata replacement for ADC RSZ Improved stylus

Code: ADC211SA

Product Info

- Upgrade replacement for ADC RSZ Aliptic stylus

The ADC RSZ stylus uses a semi-Shibata diamond tip that ADC calls "Aliptic." The LP GEAR upgrade replacement for the RSZ stylus features a true Shibata diamond bonded to a thin-wall Zualum tube cantilever for natural sound quality and superior tracing of record grooves. It results in exceptional fidelity and musicality, smooth high frequency extension, and faithful reproduction of recorded voice, music, spatial cues and harmonics. Tracking force range: 1.0 - 1.5 g.

The RSZ stylus is used with the ADC ZLM phono cartridge, the top of the line cartridge — above the renowned ADC XLM cartridge. The RSZ stylus is also used to upgrade the sound quality and performance of other ADC cartridges within the same series.

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