Tenorel N-2001D N 2001D N2001D stylus

Tenorel N-2001D N 2001D N2001D stylus

Tenorel N-2001D N 2001D N2001D stylus


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The Tenorel N-2001D N2001D needle stylus features a highly polished conical diamond bonded to an alloy tube cantilever for long playing life, reduced record wear, precision tracing of record grooves and good reproduction of recorded material.

The stylus is used with the Tenorel T2001D T2001ED T2001S cartridge, Unitra MF100 , MF102 , Astatic MF-100 , MF-200 , MF-300 , MF-400 , Goldring G800 cartridge.

The cartridge was fitted in the following turntables: Bush 3082 , 3649 , 630S, Ferguson 250 , 3920B , 3923 , 3949 , 3955 , Studio 15 , Studio 250 , System 25 Garrard 630S , 630S.

The stylus to be replaced should look the same as the one shown in the photo. The color of the stylus may vary.

Do not order this stylus if it looks different from what you have. It will not fit if the original cartridge is missing or has been changed. Please contact us if you need assistance or prefer a new cartridge. If possible, provide us with the markings on the existing cartridge and stylus (look for the brand and model number). Photos will be helpful.

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