Shure ME94P phono cartridge P-mount T4P

Shure ME94P phono cartridge P-mount T4P

Shure ME94P phono cartridge P-mount T4P

Code: SHEC11
Discontinued. See Product info and Related Products for alternative cartridge.
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The Shure ME94P phono cartridge offers P-mount T4P convenience, affordability, superb performance, and upgradability in one sweet package. As it is, the Shure ME94P sounds wonderful, attaining very fine definition, clarity and accuracy that is beyond its peers and what you would expect from its attractive price. Furthermore, you can upgrade the performance of the ME94P to the ME96P by simply replacing the original stylus with the Shure N104E stylus.

Tracking force in a P-mount arm: After installing the cartridge, it is not usually necessary to adjust the tracking force in a pre-set arm.

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