Audio-Technica Precept PCN550ML stylus - View Details

Audio-Technica Precept PCN550ML stylus - View Details

Audio-Technica Precept PCN550ML stylus - View Details

Code: PCN550ML
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- Discontinued and unavailable, we do not know if and when this will again be available. For alternative stylus replacements, refer to the Related Products below.

The Audio-Technica Precept PCN-550ML PCN550ML needle stylus features a beryllium cantilever - a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, rigid, steel-gray metallic element used as an aerospace structural material. The Microline diamond offers superlative performance with less wear and distortion than elliptical or conventional linear contact styli. The small curving rate of the stylus enables it to track and playback the inner part of the record groove that other styli can hardly maintain. Also the curving rate of the stylus does not change until the stylus is almost worn unlike that of conventional styli which increases as they are used. Accordingly, the stylus has a much longer average playing life. We have very limited stock and when depleted will no longer be available.

The PCN-550ML PCN550ML stylus is the best replacement stylus for the following Precept cartridges: PC100E PC110E PC220XE PC330LCU PC440LC PC550ML. It is the best replacement for the Precept PCN110E PCN220XE PCN330LCU PCN440LC PCN-110 PCN-220 PCN-330 PCN-440 stylus.

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