Ortofon Stylus 320

Ortofon Stylus 320

Ortofon Stylus 320 specified for Ortofon 320 cartridge
Restores cartridge to its original factory specifications
Fine Line diamond tip for excellent fidelity
0.3 x 1.57 mil radius diamond tip for tracing excellent
Special alloy cantilever for firm and responsive contact with groove
Genuine, 100% authentic Ortofon stylus


Ortofon Stylus 320

Code: ORS320

Product Info


The Ortofon Stylus 320 needle stylus is the standard replacement stylus for the Ortofon 320 and 320U phono cartridges and is the best stylus within its series.

Ortofon Stylus 320 Specifications
- Frequency range: 20-20kHz
- Frequency response: 20-18kHz +/-1.5dB
- FIM distortion @ recommended tracking force, DIN 45.542: <1%
- Tracking ability @ 315Hz @ recommended tracking force: 70µm
- Compliance, dynamic, lateral: 25µm/mN
- Stylus type: Fine line
- Stylus tip radius: 0.3 x 1.57 mil
- Tracking force range: 1.25-1.75g
- Tracking force, recommended: 1.5g
- Color: Grey

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