Clearaudio Concept MC phono cartridge 0.42mV

Clearaudio Concept MC phono cartridge 0.42mV

Clearaudio Concept MC phono cartridge 0.42mV


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The Clearaudio Concept MC cartridge is designed to offer the level of performance for which Clearaudio moving coil cartridges are renowned for the lowest ever cost. A stellar performer in its price class, the Concept offers precision fidelity, smoothness and resolution from the record grooves.

In his review of the Concept turntable with a Concept MC cartridge installed on it, Michael Fremer found the Concept MC cartridge to be well behaved and produced a low-coloration ride that was rich in the mid range and mesmerizingly three-dimensional. It was particularly adept at reproducing voices - they sounded full-bodied and fleshy, with smooth, natural-sounding sibilants.1

Clearaudio Concept MC Specifications
- Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/s: 0.42mV
- Channel balance: < 0.5dB
- Channel separation: > 30dB
- Stylus shape: Micro-Line
- Cantilever: Boron
- Recommended tracking force: 2.2 g
- Coil material: OFC - Copper
- Compliance: 9/9 u/mN
- Cartridge impedance: 11 ohms
- Cartridge body: Aluminum-magnesium alloy with ceramic-surface layer
- Break-in period: 50 hours or more
- Warranty: 2 years manufacturing defect
- Weight: 8 g


1 Michael Fremer, "Turntable Reviews: Clearaudio Concept record player," Stereophile June 28,2011: 1-3

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