LP Gear BIN 323 phono cartridge

LP Gear BIN 323 phono cartridge

"Incredible soundstage, with instruments placed exactly in the listening room, and 'immediate' as if live before your eyes."

"Flat in frequency response from Earth moving low frequency content all the way to the last shimmer of a brush on a cymbal."

"I liken the BIN 323 to two other cartridges. One is the Grace F9E, with its glorious soundstage and ability to eke every detail of information from the groove. The other cartridge I consider similar to the BIN 323 is the Dynavector Karat Diamond 17D3."


LP Gear BIN 323 phono cartridge

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- Does nothing at all but play music magnificently

The BIN 323 is a product of serendipity and cosmic auspiciousness. For decades we had aspired for a Moving Coil cartridge that is unpretentiously musical - just like the Small and Large Advent Speakers1 in the Seventies that became standards of high excellence despite their very modest price. On my meager part-time job, I was able to set aside and afford them as a student at DePaul University in Chicago. The BIN 323 was conceived and designed during the pinnacle age of phono cartridges and is thus founded on the exuberance, best practices and exclusive knowledge of that golden and fertile time. Revived with additional learning, select newer parts, tight tolerances and old world craftsmanship, the BIN 323 like vintage years of superior wine has improved with age to become the best in doing what it does - nothing at all but sweet authentic music extracted from the grooves!

Serendipity and auspiciousness are courtesy of Sugano San.

LP GEAR BIN 323 Musically
The BIN 323 plays glowingly with flowing musical ease and rightness that takes your breath away - it's like the mind knows when music is real.2 The BIN 323 offers harmonic and spectral richness, flowing musicality - harmonic notes, transients and counterpoints flow cascading and colliding cohesively from start to fading end. Your ears will hear the delightful delicacy, natural sound quality and missing timbre extracted from the grooves.

LP GEAR BIN 323 Specifications
Tonearm mount: 1/2 inch
Type: Moving coil (MC), high output
Output voltage at 1kHz, 3.54 cm/sec: 1.7 mV
Frequency response: 15 - 40,000 Hz
Load impedance: 47 kΩ
Channel separation at 1 kHz: 25 dB
Output balance at 1 kHz: <1.0 dB
Tracking force range: 2.0 - 2.3 g (2.0 g recommended)
Coil inductance at 1kHz: 630 μH
Static compliance: 15 x 10-6 cm/dyne
Dynamic compliance: 10 x 10-6 cm/dyne
Stylus: Nude Square Shank Line Contact
Stylus shape: 5 x 20 µm
Cantilever: Special aluminum alloy
Vertical tracking angle: 23°
Dimensions: 17(H) × 17(W) × 24.7(D) mm
Weight: 4.0 g (5.6 g with brass mounting hardware and shim)
Accessories included: Stylus protector (x 1), Brass screws (x 2), Brass nuts (x 2), Alignment Protractor, LP Gear 1.2 g Shim

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

1 J. Gordon Holt, "The Advent Loudspeaker," Stereophile, Jan 1, 1971.

2 Music listening equipment: Graham Slee Reflex M phono preamp, Graham Slee Elevator EXP headamp, Denon AU-300LC Step-up transformer, Graham Slee Proprius mono amps, Electronic Visionary Systems Ultimate Attenuators Passive Preamp, Odyssey Kismet Reference Amp, Quicksilver Silver 88 mono amps, Roadrunner Digital Turntable Tachometer, Sota Sapphire turntable, Supex SD 901 Super cartridge, Denon DL-103 cartridge, Denon DL-110 cartridge, Grace F-9E cartridge, Audience SE Phono Cable, Audience Ohno speaker cables, Rogers LS3/5A speakers, Audience ClairAudient 1+1 Loudspeakers, Krell LAT 2 speakers, Yamaha NS1000M speakers.

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