LP Gear stylus for Audio-Technica LS580/LT cartridge

LP Gear stylus for Audio-Technica LS580/LT cartridge

Finest ATN122LP stylus for Audio-Technica LS580/LT cartridge
Made in Japan for highest fidelity and sound quality
ViVid Line Contact diamond for excellent tracing accuracy
Diamond tip r/R radii: 6/75 µm (.0002 x .0030 inch)
Genuine, unsurpassed 100% original LP GEAR® stylus


LP Gear stylus for Audio-Technica LS580/LT cartridge

Code: ATSLS580LT

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Audio-Technica specifies the ATN122LP as the standard stylus for the Audio-Technica LS-580/LT LS580/LT. The LP Gear ATN122LP stylus features a Vivid-Line contact diamond with a r/R radii of 6/75 µm. It is bonded to a hollow thin-wall durable alloy tube for superior tracing characteristics thus resulting in exquisite and natural sound quality reproduction of voice, music and harmonics that makes you want to play records on and on. The stylus is made in Japan by a world-class manufacturer with a reputation for crafting musically compelling and high-quality replacement styli.

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