VMN60 Audio-Technics stylus for Audio-Technica AT150MLX cartridge

VMN60 Audio-Technics stylus for Audio-Technica AT150MLX cartridge

Audio-Technica VMN60 stylus to restore the AT150MLX to latest flahship status
Nude 1.5 x 0.28 mil special line contactd iamond tip for superior fidelity
Aluminum tapered pipe cantilever for supreme tracing accuracy
Genuine, unsurpassed, original Audio-Technica stylus


VMN60 Audio-Technics stylus for Audio-Technica AT150MLX cartridge

Code: ATSAT0150MLX

Product Info

- 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Editors Choice Award The Absolute Sound March Issue 231, 241, 251, 261, 271, 281.

The Audio-Technica ATN-150MLX ATN150MLX needle stylus is the original stylus for the Audio-Technica AT-150MLX AT150MLX phono cartridge. It was discontinued 3 years ago and superseded by the VMN60 as the flagship stylus. The ultra-lightweight special line contact stylus allows it to trace the record groove with incredible accuracy and minimum abrasion, resulting in nuanced audio reproduction, low distortion and low record wear. Audio-Technica VM760SLC cartridge specifications exemplary tracing of record grooves and superlative accuracy with less wear and distortion than elliptical or conventional linear contact styli. Its tiny, gold plated boron cantilever provides an extremely rigid yet lightweight platform to which the stylus is mounted. The gold plating also acts to dampen the nano resonance that the boron may produce. The small curving rate of the stylus enables it to track and playback the inner part of the record groove that other styli can hardly maintain. Accordingly, the stylus has a much longer average playing life. The stylus is made in Japan by a world-class manufacturer with a reputation for crafting musically excellent and high-quality replacement styli.

Footnote 1: Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound 2015 Editors Choice Awards: Audio-Technica AT440MLa / AT150MLX (March 2015, Issue 251), 104. This is a synopsis of a full review from Issue 216 that describes these cartridges as offering their own authenticity and musical rewards over the long haul.
Footnote 2: David A. Rich, Audio-Technica AT150MLX Review - The Sensible Sound, Issue 112, May/June 2007.

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