LP Gear stylus for Audio-Technica AT72XE cartridge

LP Gear stylus for Audio-Technica AT72XE cartridge

Higher quality stylus replacement for Audio-Technica AT72XE cartridge
Sound quality and performance beyond current production substitutes
Made by Japanese shokunin seeking to craft perfection with each stylus
Highly polished 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical diamond tip
Custom thin-wall alloy cantilever for groove tracing accuracy and fidelity
Each stylus undergoes QC and listening test as final inspection
LP GEAR® stylus - Above and beyond copies and generics


LP Gear stylus for Audio-Technica AT72XE cartridge

Code: ATSAT0072XE

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The LP GEAR ATS11E stylus for the Audio-Technica AT-72XE AT72XE phono cartridge features a highly polished special elliptical diamond with .0003 x .0007 inch scanning radii bonded to a thin-wall aluminum alloy cantilever for long playing life and precision tracing of LP record grooves. The result - highly eloquent and detailed reproduction of voice and music. The stylus is made in Japan by a world-class manufacturer with a reputation for crafting musically excellent and high-quality replacement styli.

Upgrade Stylus Options
- Higher fidelity stylus: LP Gear ATN12XE
- Excellent fidelity stylus: LP Gear ATN12VL
- Superior fidelity stylus: Audio-Technica ATS12S

Audio-Technica AT72XE Cartridge Specifications
- Frequency response: 15-25,000 Hz
- Tracking force: 1.5-2.5 g
- Channel separation @ 1 kHz / 10 kHz: 21 dB / 16 dB
- Output voltage @ 5cm/sec: 4.8 mV
- Channel balance: 1.5 db
- Stylus type: .4 x .7 mil Elliptical diamond
- Stylus cantilever: Thin-wall tube
- Vertical tracking angle: 20 °
- Magnetic system: Low-mass dual magnet design
- Stylus guard: Slip on type
- Replacement stylus color: Green

Note: Specifications provided for reference to the original product only.

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