Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/SP phono cartridge - High-output MC 78 RPM Mono

Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/SP phono cartridge - High-output MC 78 RPM Mono

State of the art high resolution mono cartridge
True mono 78 RPM design for outstanding 78 RPM fidelity
Moving-coil mono cartridge for exceptional sound quality
High output design can be used directly in MM phono input


Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/SP phono cartridge - High-output MC 78 RPM Mono


Product Info

- State of the art, true mono 78RPM cartridge for true mono high fidelity

Carefully selected component and state of the art technology produce a high resolution cartridge.
Straight pipe aluminium cantilever and low mass stylus guarantees a high tracking ability.
High purity PCOCC allows a more transparent signal transmission offering a high efficiency and a high fidelity.
To support the internal mechanism, the body is made of solid die-cast aluminium alloy, furthermore stiffness is achieved with the addition of rigid synthetic resin to hold the body.
Due to high output voltage this moving coil cartridge can be used directly in MM phono input without the use of a step-up transformer.

Mono True 78 RPM Cartridge
The AT-MONO 3/SP is a true mono 78 RPM cartridge - one of a select few in the world. A true mono cartridge is designed, wired and built only to retrieve signals from the record grooves in the horizontal plane. The groove of a monaural recording is modulated only in the horizontal plane. Stereo recordings, on the other hand, are cut into the vinyl at a forty-five degree angle with a separate channel of information on each of the grove walls, thus requiring the stylus to pick up signals in both the horizontal and vertical plane. As a stereo cartridge sums the channels internally, it picks up noise from the vertical plane of the record grooves. Interestingly, in a mono record much of the surface noise is in the vertical plane, so avoiding this plane is beneficial. By not even picking up or amplifying this information you eliminate a lot of the noise from mono records that you hear when played back through a stereo cartridge.

High Output Moving Coil Mono Cartridge
The Audio Technica AT-MONO 3/SP cartridge is special. A high output moving coil cartridge of excellent production quality and wound with PCOCC coil for signal purity, it is designed to deliver excellent fidelity and superb clarity when playing 78 RPM mono records. With its high output of 1.2mV, it can be used without additional pre-preamplification or a MC transformer.

As a Moving Coil mono cartridge of superior design and execution, the AT-MONO3/SP offers a listening experience that is close to musical truth with the detail, high frequency extension, sound stage, harmonic layering, and low frequency response that make other cartridges seem flat and constricted.

Proven in use for many years in Japan, the Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/SP 78 RPM cartridge in now available in the U.S. It brings back the pure joy of discovery and listening pleasure for 78 record playing.

Audio-Technica AT-MONO3/SP Cartridge Specifications
- Tonearm mount: 1/2 inch
- Type: Moving coil, mono 78 RPM mono cartridge
- Frequency response: 20Hz-15kHz +/- 3dB1
- Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/sec: 1.2 mV
- Tracking force: 3 - 7 g (5 g standard)
- Coil impedance: 40 ohms (1kHz)
- DC resitance: 40 ohms
- Recommended load: 400 ohms - 47K ohms
- Cantilever: Aluminum alloy
- Stylus: Highly polished special conical 2.5 mil diamond
- Dynamic compliance: 3.5 x 10-6 cm/dyne
- Static compliance: 10.0 x 10-6 cm/dyne
- Dimensions (mm): H16.0 x W16.6 x L26.5
- Weight: 6.8 g
- Accessories included: Cartridge mounting screws 13mm x 2 20mm x 2, non-magnetic driver x 1, nut x 2, Washer x 2, brush x 1, spacer plate x 1.

Footnote 1: Old 78RPM records were recorded using different equalizations (EQ) depending on the recording label. The specifications may reflect the difficulty in publishing an accurate extended low and high frequency response range even though this cartridge has this capability.

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