ADC RPSX-40 RPSX40 stylus

ADC RPSX-40 RPSX40 stylus

ADC RPSX-40 RPSX40 stylus

Code: ADC167
Discontinued, out of stock. For alternative stylus, see Related Products.
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- Discontinued and out of stock, we do not know when this will again be available. For alternative replacement, refer to the Related Products below.

The ADC RPSX-40 RPSX40 stylus features a highly polished nude special elliptical diamond with a .0002 x .0007 inch tracing radii bonded to a titanium tapered cantilever for long playing life, precision tracing of record grooves and very accurate rendition of voice and music. The ADC RPSX-40 stylus is the stylus replacement for the ADC PSX-40 PSX40 cartridge and can be used to upgrade the performance and sound quality of the ADC PSX-10, PSX-20 and PSX-30 cartridges.

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