The Vessel cartridge

The creative brief for The Vessel™ is simple. It is in the meaning of its brand name and encapsulated in its four C's. The Vessel means the Container that Carries and Conveys the Complete life of music.

Wrought by golden Japanese engineers, laborious tests, interactions and iterations, The Vessel's unique excellence is its ability to capture and convey the full content of the recording. It unveils the totality of the musical experience - its direct, angular and reflective acoustic - thus enabling shape constancy, depth, and the emotions within. It is at its core sentient.

You will experience this sentience in every model in a manner expressed by its special stylus. You'll find yourself intertwined with each model up the Vessel Series delivering more harmonic richness, more vivid overall acoustic and a more exciting, engaging connection to the music.

The first four cartridges available are the moving magnet Vessel A3 Super Series. A for aluminum alloy cantilever, 3rd iteration motor, then stylus type.