Jico Seto-Hori Moving Coil cartridge

Jico Seto-Hori Moving Coil cartridge

Micro-ridge diamond tip for superior tracing accuracy
Boron cantilever provides extreme efficiency of transmissions and vibrations
Ceramic cartridge body with a natural walnut wood base
2.0 g tracking force
Made in Japan, each cartridge quality inspected & sound tested


Jico Seto-Hori Moving Coil cartridge


Product Info

- Ceramic body, boron cantilever, microridge diamond, high-output 2.0 mV

The SETO-HORI MC ceramic cartridge is hand-crafted in Japan with artful expertise to achieve optimized fidelity. Covering the high output voltage MC cartridge engine with SETOMONO ceramic-ware - SETO-HORI suppresses excess vibration of the cartridge engine itself.

The micro-ridge diamond's polyhedral shape reaches into the deepest recesses of the record groove to retrieve harmonics previously inaccessible to other styli. This shape extends the lifespan of the stylus by reducing diamond and record wear. The boron cantilever provides a low mass and extreme efficiency of transmissions and vibrations. The base connected to the ceramic SETO-HORI cartridge is made of natural walnut wood.

“Kata-Tori” (mold making) and “Yaki-ire” (burning) are key processes for ceramic-ware. One of the problems with ceramic is shrinkage, which is why it has been said ceramic-ware is not suitable for cartridge bodies. JICO collaborated with a laboratory in the city Seto to study the shrinkage of ceramic pottery. The result is in the final process, JICO craftsmen finely adjust the ceramic body thus creating the one of a kind SETO-HORI cartridge.

Made in Japan, each cartridge is meticulously inspected and sound tested.

SETO-HORI Specifications
- Frequency response: 15-32kHz
- Output @ 1kHz: 2.0 mV
- Channel separation @ 1kHz: 25 dB
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: within 1.5 dB
- Tracking force: 2.0 g
- Stylus tip: Microridge
- Output impedance @ 1kHz: 1300 Ohms
- Product net weight: 11 g
- Shielding case: Ceramic ware from Seto and Walnut

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