HANA EH Elliptical MC cartridge 2mV output

HANA EH Elliptical MC cartridge 2mV output

HANA EH Elliptical MC cartridge 2mV output

Retail: $475

For low-ouput verison. See Related Products for alternative cartridge.
Product Info

- Critically-acclaimed high performance, high output Moving Coil cartridge with Elliptical stylus

Manufactured by Excel Sound Corporation, a 50+ year-old company based in Tokyo, with roots in manufacturing low-cost, high-performance cartridges and styli, such as the highly regarded Excel ES70 and later on producing MC cartridges, with particular expertise in high output MC cartridges and specializing in OEM cartridge manufacture. They produce cartridges on an OEM basis for illustrious MC brands which by agreement they are unable to reveal. Launched in 2015, Hana is Excel's house-brand of MC cartridges. Hana means “brilliant and gorgeous” in Japanese.

The Hana EH is a pleasure to own. It sounds great without being fastidious. I first listened to it when I was considering taking on the line as a dealer for then distributor Mockingird Distribition. Before I could decide the distribution transitioned to its current distributor - Musical Surroundings. It sounded then as now very melodious, musical, sweet and warm and slightly on the opposite side of the Denon DL-103. It deoes not deliver a myriad of detailed minutiae which could be a complaint by some who are into the trees than the forest but in term of fervor and emotion that are sometimes sacrificed in the altar of detail, it is worth the miss. Very good indeed- this HANA EH.


HANA EK Elliptical MC Specifications
- Type: Moving Coil High Output
- Output voltage: 2mV
- Internal ohms: EH: 130Ω / 1kHz
- Suggested loading: EH: 47kΩ;
- Weight: 5.0 grams
- Tracking: 2.0 grams
- Manufacturer's limited warranty: 2 years

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