Grado DJ200i phono cartridge - For US sale only

Grado DJ200i phono cartridge - For US sale only

Most advanced DJ cartridge available
World renowned warm, musical Grado sound
Four-piece OTL cantilever technology
Diamond mounted in brass bushing suspension


Grado DJ200i phono cartridge - For US sale only

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Grado DJ cartridges are the most advanced phono pickups ever offered to the professional DJ market. Built and designed for the demanding needs of the professional DJ musician, Grado cartridges deliver musical performance never known before in the pro DJ market. The Grado specially engineered transmission line cantilever allows for the ideal transfer of music signal and for safe and effective stylus back-cueing. The DJ series can track from 2 to 5 grams, and deliver the warm musical Grado sound the audio industry has embraced and enjoyed for 50 years. The DJ series feature Grado's latest Flux-Bridger generator systems for lower effective tip mass and lower electrical inductance. Each DJ series cartridge is hand assembled to Grado's world-class standards, which contributes to the unchallenged consistency of performance and reliability.

The DJ200 uses a modified four piece OTL cantilever technology, oxygen free wire in the coils and a specially designed, high polished, diamond mounted in a brass bushing.

Grado DJ200i Phono Cartridge Specifications
- Type: Moving magnet
- Output voltage: 5mV
- Frequency response: 10Hz - 50kHz
- Load impedance: 47k ohms
- Channel separation: 30dB
- Stylus type: Diamond
- Stylus replacement: User replaceable
- Compliance: 20mm/N
- Tracking force: 2.5 g
- Recommended tracking force: 3.0 g
- Weight: 5.5 g

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