Grace F-9L (F9L) cartridge

Grace F-9L (F9L) cartridge

"One of the finest cartridges in the world, the F-9L rearranges your musical preferences."


Grace F-9L (F9L) cartridge


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- Experience one of the finest cartridges in the world.

With a sound so beguiling, so true, the F-9L rearranges your musical preferences. You tilt your head to listen better and wonder how a simple, unassuming cartridge can be this great.

Features of the F-9 Series
Flat frequency response for the entire audio range
Response beyond 60 KHz, suitable for all CD-4 records
Extremely small magnet made from a rare earth cobalt formulation for each stylus
Extremely light but strong cantilever, made from a special low mass alloy for excellent transient response
One point support of the stylus assembly which guarantees ideal reproduction in accordance with laws of motion
Excellent channel balance and low cross-talk through unique matrical-flux magnetic circuit of the Grace cartridges
Universal acceptance by broadcasters and record manufacturers
Optimum performance with interchangeable F-9 styli to match your need

Considered one of the finest cartridges in the world in terms of sound quality, its musicality is legendary and is on a class all its own. We have for decades one of these mounted on a Linn turntable with a Grace tonearm and it sounds celestial.

The Grace F-9 was made during the pinnacle of phono cartridge design and manufacturing and thus represents the best of its time. If you are a collector of great Grace cartridges or just love to own and enjoy the best, this could be your last chance to own a New Old Stock, Never Used, and Complete F-9L package. (You can also have Soundsmith retip the stylus in the future when the time comes.)

The F-9L comes complete with and in pristine condition:
- Original brush, stylus guard and metal screwdriver
- GRACE nameplate
- F9L datasheet, warranty card, inspection card
- Original Grace F-9L box

Grace F-9L Advanced Luminal Trace Specifications
- Type: High output Moving Magnet Stereo
- Playback frequency range: 10 ~ 40,000 Hz
- Output voltage: 5.5 mV (5 cm/sec. 45, 1KHz)
- Impedence: app. 1.7 (KΩ, 1KHz)
- Resistance: 30-100 (KΩ)
- Channel balance: 0.5 (within dB, 1KHz)
- Effective moving mass: 0.4 mg
- Cross talk: -30 (dB, 1KHz)
- Stylus: Type L
- Stylus pressure range: 0.5-2gm
- Standard pressure: 1.2gm
- Compliance: 20 × 10-6 cm/dyne
- Weight: app. 6gm
- Specifications: JIS, EIA
- Replacement stylus: RS-9L

Note: All Grace cartridges are made to the specifications of JIS, EIA and IEC. Changes may be made without notice.

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